Richard Tuttle
Richard Tuttle
November 17 - December 22, 2005

Larissa Goldston Gallery is pleased to present Fascia, Mark Fox’s first solo exhibition in New York. The featured work includes paintings and collages on paper, as well as a series of sculptures created from thousands of intricate ink and watercolor drawings arranged in large web-like configurations. These works explore the possibilities of chance and the strange narratives that emerge from the juxtaposition of fragments with diverse subject matter. Fox’s artwork utilizes a personal iconography that references high and low art and cultural influences, such as the news media, literature, religion, cinema, advertising and daily life.

While some of Fox’s forms are created through simple plays of color, shape, line, and space, others are densely woven to reveal fragments of information that can be read as graphic novels of the artist’s subconscious. Fascia, the centerpiece of the exhibition, is visible from both sides and operates as a self-portrait: on one side, it appears as a single entity, unified and monochromatic, while on the other, the widely divergent individual drawings are apparent, resembling more closely his internal thought process. It is composed from small drawings, meticulously cut from their paper ground and rejoined into a lyrical sculptural installation. As with each assemblage in the exhibition, it includes references to Bosch, Bruegel, the Catholic Church, mythology, anatomy, world events, comic books, doodles, personal lists and random thoughts and desires. The second gallery is filled with what Fox calls “oddments,” a playful combination of smaller scale drawings and cut forms.

Mark Fox received his MFA degree from Stanford University, and holds a BFA degree from Washington University. Fox currently lives and works in New York City. He has had solo exhibitions at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts. For over a decade, Fox was the Creative Director of Saw Theater, a non-profit avant-garde puppet theater that produced original multi-media performances in collaboration with artists and writers.

NORTH ROOM: Richard Tuttle

Since arriving at Universal Limited Art Editions in 2002, Richard Tuttle has pushed the boundaries of printmaking in both scale and technique. On view will be a selection of intaglios, woodcuts and lithographs from his recent endeavors at ULAE.

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