Sophia Petrides
I am Protected by Your Fear
June 02 - July 01, 2005

Larissa Goldston Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in New York of work by Jack Warren. The exhibition includes a series of paintings and drawings that derive from found materials and popular imagery prevalent in our society. The title, Transfigurations, describes Warren's attempt to alter the outward appearance of the original idea. The final objects do not attempt to masquerade the original but extend them by visually articulating his subconscious system of understanding and expression. "I see my work as a reactive language of personal symbols built from a series of automatic and specific notations. They are an attempt to reveal subject matter through process rather than be subject to it."

The process by which these paintings are made involves a collaborative interaction between materials, process and people. They are simultaneously drawings, prints and paintings. They begin as pages from a fashion catalogue (in this case, Saks Fifth Avenue); evolve into drawings with layers of lacquer pen, masking tape, graphite, liquid paper and other media; are scanned into a computer (further embracing popular culture through the use of technology), and printed onto large-scale canvases; they are finally reworked on the canvas. The results are complex images that resemble portraits of fictional characters from both genders.

Also on view are a group of small (10 x 10 inch) collaborative wood panels. Helping to transition from his seven years as a collaborative artist with another painter and poet, these paintings, made in conjunction with poet Caleb Scott, are spontaneous, intuitive mark making. They explore Warren's relationship with and interest in street culture and graffiti.


Sophia Petrides' video, I am Protected by Your Fear , explores, issues of intimacy, fear, and beauty. In her still photography Petrides begins the process of making a photograph by deconstructing the original image several times using a method of cloning and dividing. She then reassembles it from the altered components and creates a new image that explores the origins of the photograph and the success of the human relationship to it. This is the first time Petrides has used video to execute her ideas. The title originates from a drawing made almost a year before.

The exhibition will be on view from Thursday June 2 through Friday, July 1. The opening reception is on June 2 from 6 - 8pm. Larissa Goldston Gallery is located at 530 W 25th Street, 3rd floor. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am - 6pm.

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