Artist Pick
July 07 - August 05, 2005

Larissa Goldston Gallery is pleased to present Artists Pick, a group show of artists selected by Deborah Kass, Suzanne McClelland and James Siena. Each chose one painter and one video artist to be included in the exhibition.

Selected by Deborah Kass, Janet Biggs uses incongruous images that relay a sense of isolated and suppressed intensity in her video, Bright Shiny Objects, to reinforce the notion that beneath the surface of all things lie unknown reserves of power. Rob Wynne's machine-made paintings and glass words, rooted in Conceptualism, challenge the importance of art traditions and discredit the significance of the materials and finished product.

Although visually quite different, Frank Oudeman's video, Hope , and Jenny Monick's paintings, selected by Suzanne McClelland, intellectually engage the viewer in similar ways. The experience of both is a play of expectation, frustration, pleasure and release that never allows the eye to settle on one spot.

Selected by James Siena, the website and video Crying While Eating, by Casimir Nozkowski and Daniel Engber, combine two essential but dissonant human behaviors. In these absurd and private moments, the subjects must find a way to sob and chew at the same time. Dan Schmidt's paintings and works on paper are drawn from found consumer goods that are designed to go unnoticed. They allow these objects to exist in a moment alone, exposing their shapeliness and textures and appearing both sophisticated and naked.

Drawings by Deborah Kass and new ULAE prints by Suzanne McClelland and James Siena will also be on view in the North Room.

The exhibition will be on view from Thursday July 7 th through Friday, August 5. The opening reception is on July 7 from 6-8pm. Larissa Goldston Gallery is located at 530 W 25th Street, 3rd floor. Summer gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11am - 6pm.

For more information, please contact the gallery at 212-206-7887, email at, or visit

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